An invitation to the Meeting of the Worthy came to each of them mysteriously — an opportunity to join the Hero’s Games. But they were not the intended recipients, because they’re not heroes.

When it all falls apart, what will they do to prove they’re also not the villains? 

Sacrosanct is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Actual Play Podcast set in a Forgotten Realms alternate reality. Expect the narrative impact and sharp editing of an Audio Drama while enjoying the adventure and discovery of an Actual Play. Sacrosanct aims to be a safe, inclusive space for all people of marginalized identities.

Currently on Season 1: Act 2.

Updates every other Tuesday.

This is an AMAZING actual play that you MUST listen to!! The world is beautiful, and home-brewed lore is enticingly drip-fed in narrative moments that leave you wanting more.


This is a fantastic actual play podcast. What’s important is fun and it shows here through every single moment. I’ve laughed out loud and I’ve gotten goosebumps all within a few minutes. 

Jeremy D. Kleinhans

Listening to this podcast is honestly such a joy in every regard! The Crystal Crew is a delight, every single character is so interesting and it’s so enjoyable to follow them while they navigate the situation they are tangled in. 


This is the only D&D actual play I listen to in a sea of other options. I had grown exhausted of D&D in lieu of other game systems and other genres, but Sacrosanct breathes new life into the genre with the incredibly engaging characters, plucky voice work, and extremely talented GM.

Wren Gnolls


Sera (she/they)
Dungeon Master + Producer
SeraSomatic on Twitter

Vicki (she/her)
Player: Miarelle Meliamne > Elven Roguelock
PinkEldritch on Twitter

Brooklyn (she/they)
Player: Linnae Larksong > Elven Druid
DuskRogue on Twitter

Mike (he/him)
Player: Barash Garland > Dragonborn Monk

Steve (he/him)
Player: Kaylark Naiodel > Elven Cleric